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Episode 3: Turnabout Hatred. Day of Trial; Part 6.

Mathilda: … Oh crap….

Iwatori: *pointing at Mathilda* … We are done here.

Mathilda: Excuse me?

Iwatori: Witness, spare us this drama and cut to the chase. Does this ‘heat wave’ have ANYTHING to do with the Lickilicky’s plummet to his death?

Franklin: … Er-

Iwatori: *slams desk; a small electric spark can be seen jumping out of one of the arms.*


Franklin: ...Can someone translate?

Mathilda: *sweating* I don’t think what he said really matters…

Franklin: *thinking while staring at Iwatori*

Iwatori: Let me ask you THIS then. *points at Hoffman* You seemed to be a little agitated after the defendant accused you of murder. Just to be clear… Who do YOU think killed the victim?

Mathilda: *pointing without scepter* Now is not the time to be asking personal opinions! At the very least, let me finish my cross examination!

Iwatori: Absolutely not! The witnesses testimony was only a snap judgement due to the actions of the defendant. Not only did he withhold this testimony from me during the initial investigation, but the whole story about there being ‘extreme heat’ has NOTHING to do with David Jeremy getting thrown off a waterfall!

Mathilda: …

Iwatori: I’ve been silent up until now, but let’s focus on what’s important: Jhudora the Aggron’s status on whether or not she killed Jeremy the Lickilicky… Unless this Floatzel has MORE to hide.

Franklin: !

Iwatori: Let me be VERY clear, Mr. Hoffman; The fact that you were hiding info, even if it was indeed useless, is what grinds my machines. Even the smallest nugget of truth can completely corrupt a case to it’s core if it isn’t brought to light. Now then… If there’s more to your story that you’ve been keeping secret…

*Iwatori points at Franklin again*

Iwatori: I’ll ‘Brett the Umbreon’ you so hard that your brain will be in your feet and your ankles will be in your skull. Am I clear?

*Jhudora, who is still standing next to Franklin, gives another sick grin*

Franklin: *wry smile* You think THAT would intimidate me? I’m a Battle Coach! I teach Pokemon how to battle. I can dish out testimony like a Pokemon move!

Judge: Just speaking will do fine, Mr. Hoffman.

*Franklin snaps his fingers, sprouting up a tiny fireball.*

Mathilda: (Who knew that Franklin could be provoked so easily…)

Franklin: *still holding up a fireball with finger* I’d like to amend my testimony from before, y’know, give more details.

Judge: Understood, you may proceed.

Iwatori: … Her Honor must like the distraction.

Mathilda: (I’m not sure just how much longer Iwatori can handle. I better be on high alert!)

-REVISED TESTIMONY- (Franklin the Floatzel)

*While it may look like nothing has changed, I  assure that some of it has indeed been updated*

1. “While it’s true that my type got mutated at some point while being a Floatzel…”

2. “I never burned anything during the festival!”

3. “Like I said before, I was with Manon at the watchpoint, while the Festival was being cleaned up.”

4. “It was… around 3:30 AMish. We could only see a few familiar faces from the watchpoint.”

5. “At that moment, Manon and I suddenly felt an overwhelming heat wave strike where we were standing.”

6. “I witnessed a lot of stuff that night, so if you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them.”

Mathilda: (Only a few statements have changed. I better just question what Franklin updated in his arguments or Iwatori will stop the questioning.)…

3. “Like I said before, I was with Manon at the watchpoint, while the festival was being cleaned up.”

Mathilda: Actually, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask but never got around to it. Why were you even there in the first place?

Franklin: Huh?

Mathilda: You were in charge of the entire festival and setup, right? In that case, what were you doing at the watchpoint with Ms. Montesquieu? Shouldn’t you have been helping with the deconstruction?

Casey: Hey, good point!

Mathilda: *looking at document* The watchpoint is quite a distance from the rest of the hall. You being present in the 5-minute span when a heat wave was supposedly taking place is quite the coincidence, if you ask me. Why were you there if you didn’t have business there?

Franklin: Oh, that’s easy. The watchpoint looks over most of the hall, so it made a great vantage point when I wanted to see an overview of how the Festival was taking place.

Mathilda: *thinking* But, wasn’t the festival already over by the time you were feeling the stroke of heat?

Franklin: ...Oh! Shoot! That’s right, sorry. There was so much taking place at the festival, especially after the bodies were found that I’m sometimes still trying to process what’s going on.

Mathilda: So…?

Franklin: Let me explain: I actually didn’t feel the heat wave around the time of the murder.

Iwatori: !

Franklin: Calm down! It’s just a misunderstanding. You see, I actually felt the heat wave the night before, when the World Culture Festival was actually going on.

*Gallery rambles*

Mathilda: That’s... quite the difference.

Franklin: Yeah, I know… and I apologise for that. I may be a teacher but even my brain can get jumbled sometimes.

Casey: Foreshadow?

Mathilda: Please don’t jinx it.

Franklin: Even then, the time was the same, it was still around 3:30 in the morning, but there were still plenty of people sightseeing. I mean… not even close to as many folks as we had last year, but it was still a festival.

Mathilda: Alright. (Believe me, I would have rather been at the Festival than dealing with Passive… or Iwatori if he’s going to keep this up.)

Franklin: That also explains why I was at the watchpoint all the time, I went there VERY frequently to address the festival. I had a microphone attached to my scarf and everything.

Mathilda: So you were standing at the watchpoint around 3:30 when you felt the heat wave?

Franklin: That’s right. Sorry for the confusion.


Judge: That warrants another amendment. Mr. Hoffman, please fix your testimony.

Franklin: Got it.


Original: 3. “Like I said before, I was with Manon at the watchpoint, while the festival was being cleaned up.”

Amended 3. “I was with Manon at the watchpoint while the Festival was in full throttle. ”


Original: 4. “It was… around 3:30 AMish. We could only see a few familiar faces from the watchpoint.”

Amended: 4. “It was… around 3:30 AMish. We saw hundreds of unfamiliar faces checking all of the displays.”

Mathilda: (Before I question the testimony that Franklin just amended, I better go back to the other statement that he changed the first time…)

6. “I witnessed a lot of stuff that night, so if you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them.”

Mathilda: Alright, I have a question that you can try to answer.

(What should I ask about this time?)

Mathilda: Mr. Hoffman, may I please take a look at your foot?

Franklin: Huh? My foot? Why?

Casey: Foot fetish, much?

Mathilda: *shakes head* A set of mysterious footprints with unusual circumstances were found at Great Lakes Hall. I’d like to compare them to one of your feet.

Franklin: I’ve got nothing to hide, so sure. That being said, I walked around pretty much everywhere in Great Lakes Hall, so it’d be a little weird if my footprints WEREN’T everywhere, y’know.

Mathilda: I get it. Now please show me your foot.

Mathilda: Ok, now let’s compare it to the shape of the footprints we have in the Court Record.

Casey: It doesn’t look like a match.

Mathilda: I guess someone else left these prints. (It was worth a shot, regardless.)

Franklin: I knew I wasn’t gonna match.

Iwatori: Those are the prints right at the entryway to the Cove, right? Out of curiosity, did you compare those prints to anyone else?

Mathilda: Not yet.

Iwatori: … Izanami!

Jhudora: Don’t be an imbecile. Anyone can tell at a glance that those prints don’t match my own. Since you’re SOOO in love with evidence, I’ll even prove it.

Mathilda: I was never going to suggest that those were Jhudora’s footprints. More to the point, Jhudora is incredibly large, including her foot size. There’s no way that those could have been hers. Whoever had to have left these footprints must have been… small.

*The entire court stares at Iwatori due to his size*

Iwatori: … *eyes closed*

Mathilda: … *sweating* I don’t think they’re yours either…

Iwatori: Size means nothing in the world of Pokemon!

*Jhudora scoffs*

Mathilda: (To be honest, I’m starting to doubt the relevance of these prints left at the crime scene, but for now let’s get back to Franklin’s testimony.)

Amended: 3. “I was with Manon at the watchpoint while the Festival was in full throttle. ”

Mathilda: What were you and Manon doing when the two of you felt that supposed heat wave?

Franklin: Honestly, just chilling. We were moving around helping out so much that we both decided we need a break.

Mathilda: I see. And did anyone come up there to see you during that time?

Franklin: Nope, while we were there we alone, but that wasn’t on purpose. Anybody could have showed up, it’s not like the watchpoint was off limits.

Mathilda: Interesting. Still seems a little convenient that you happened to be there when the wave struck.

Jhudora: ...

Franklin: … Do you have something you want to say?!

Jhudora: If the wave didn’t happen at the night on the night of the crime, then why are you talking about it?

Franklin: Hmph. Leave no stone unturned.

*Jhudora smiles smugly as she rests her arm on the side of the witness stand that she’s behind. As she does so, the stand can be heard cracking under her weight*

Jhudora: I don’t believe you.

Mathilda: *shakes head* Please continue your testimony, Mr. Hoffman.

Franklin: Hpmh, not a problem!

Amended: 4. “It was… around 3:30 AMish. We saw hundreds of unfamiliar faces checking all of the displays.”

Mathilda: Was there anyone you COULD recognise?

Franklin: No, there were too many folks down there.

Mathilda: Meaning that the victim could have been hidden in the crowd…

Iwatori: If you believe that the victim was at the festival the night before he died, I expect you to present your evidence.

Mathilda: I don’t have any evidence at this time, no. But does the prosecution have any evidence that Jeremy wasn’t there?

Iwatori: Seeing as how the burden of proof lies upon you, I see no need to present. However, keep in mind that the victim was preparing for the final stages of reviving the jury system, so spending time at an unrelated Culture Festival didn’t seem like something he would have wanted to do.

Mathilda: He could have arranged to meet someone at the festival for the sake of the jury system?

Iwatori: If he did, then the evidence would point to him setting up this meeting the night after the festival, because that’s when he died.

Mathilda: Yeah, but-

Iwatori: *bangs desk* Which happened to be the same night that Ms. Izanami began ‘searching for someone.’ She may say she wasn’t looking for the Lickilicky, but until she reveals who she was REALLY meeting up with, suspicion will continue to be pointed in her direction!

Mathilda: … (He’s got me in a corner and I don’t like it.)

Casey: Why can’t she just come clean?!

Mathilda: Jhudora hates the courts too much to trust anyone in the profession, even if it means her demise. (Talk about hatred…)

*cut music*

Mathilda: I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, but that lie you just made makes me think that you’re just trying to say anything on the witness stand just to look professional.

Franklin: W-What? Now you’re agreeing with Jhudora?!

Mathilda: No… *slams desk* But even then, why are you on the stand? What’s your goal?

Franklin: Um… Well…

*Jhudora just watches the show taking place*

Mathilda: Look, getting new info on a case is always fine in my book, but NOT when that info is a pile of lies. Iwatori is done with your statements as is!

Franklin: Wha- What did I lie about?!

Mathilda: Franklin Hoffman… There’s a flaw in your story; a big one. If the supposed heat wave flew through the watchpoint at 3:30AM on January 2nd, then you should not have felt it at all!

Judge: He shouldn’t have felt the wave? And why is that?…

Mathilda: Simple, your Honor.  Because Franklin and Manon couldn’t have been at the watchpoint in the first place!

Judge: Oh?

Mathilda: Both Hoffman and his girlfriend were in charge of the festival, so maybe they did have reasons to be there. However, that flies out the window when the time is considered: 3:30AM on January 2nd. Because according to the festival timeline, something huge was happening from 10PM to 5AM that night.

Franklin: … ACK! THE CONTEST!

Mathilda: Is it not true that you and Ms. Montesquieu were two of the judges for the Festival Contest? If so, then what were you doing at the watchpoint?!

Franklin: *The flame ball that was balancing on his finger suddenly explodes and burns out, surprising him* No, no that can’t be right… I did feel that heat wave… but I was also there at the judging booth… I…

*Franklin begins entering in deep thought under stress, while Jhudora begins to laugh*

Iwatori: Hmph! As I thought. To me, the witness is simply trying to testify just so he can say that he testified. Of ALL the times to deal with a joker like this, it had to be at THIS trial!

Franklin: *grips his hand into a fist, which bursts into flames* How dare you accuse me of that! If I wanted to look cool, then I would have gone to the news outlets, not official investigators!

Iwatori: Then let me ask the same question that Mathilda asked… Why are you here testifying?! You didn’t see the body, you didn’t witness the crime, and your testimony is completely jumbled up! Do you know what you’re doing?!

Franklin: …*closes eyes, and looks down*

*cut music*

“I may not know what I am doing… but I know what I’m doing is right.”

*Franklin looks back up with a determined look of anger on his face. He holds up his fist to his chest, which the fireball that enveloped it begins to increase in size.*…


Franklin: Manon works for the prosecutor’s office. Day after day, she would come home to our apartment with a forlorn look on her face, having to inspect court cases to file into the records room. Every day she would go into detail how corrupt prosecutors and other officials have become.

Iwatori: ...

Franklin: Arresting Pokemon for petty reasons, locking them up never to be seen again, hiding various points of truths during the trial. Having witnesses fabricate testimony while they tamper with evidence themselves to get innocent people guilty! Why the hell do you think New Detroit’s population has completely decreased?!

Mathilda: *surprised look*

Franklin: Manon just filed a case yesterday. She explained that the witness who was to take the stand got threatened not to show up. So the trial ended because the witness didn’t show up … and the Pokemon accused of theft was thrown in jail, despite ALL of the evidence screaming he wasn’t guilty!

“I’m a part of this case… and I won’t rest until all of the facts that I have seen come to the light!”

Mathilda: !

Iwatori: !

Judge: !

Jhudora: ...

Casey: You’re… just trying to make sure that no piece of evidence is forgotten? Amazing…

Franklin: *lowers fist, the flame goes out.* I remember now. My mind is still trying to put the facts together, but I’m confident with what I saw. That night… I felt not one… but two strange anomalies take place at Great Lakes Hall.

Iwatori: …

Franklin: The first happened on the night during the festival, and the second around the same time but on the next night.

Mathilda: … So you felt something weird at 3:30AM on January 2nd, and something else on January 3rd around 3:30 as well?

Judge: One of those was around the time of the crime…

Jhudora: Unbelievable. Do you expect anyone to believe this crap?

Iwatori: Mr. Hoffman, do you really stand by this? You really are trying to tell us that weird events were happening at the Culture Festival?

Franklin: Without a doubt. I don’t know if it actually relates to Jeremy’s death, but I would feel awful if I just kept it held in.

Iwatori and Jhudora: *both look floored*

Mathilda: Wow… (A Pokemon with a conscience… never thought I’d see that…)

Franklin: I stand by what I said before, I definitely felt a surge of heat at the watchpoint. This was on the 3rd, around when Jeremy supposedly died. Manon can vouch for me on that part, but it’s what I felt the day before that I can’t prove, nor confirm…

Mathilda: Why were you at the watchpoint when you felt the heat wave?

Franklin: I can’t remember for sure, but I definitely remember being there with Manon. I think it was because Manon and I were looking for a certain individual who was helping take apart the stage and looking from above has helped us before.

Judge: Fair enough. Please continue, what did you feel the previous day?

Franklin: It was… a draft.

Mathilda: A draft?

Franklin: No… ‘draft’ doesn’t seem like the correct word. It felt more like a… ‘frost wave?’

Mathilda: … *sweating* Come again?

Franklin: I said ‘anomaly’ for a reason. It was the weirdest thing ever… I know this is the world of Pokemon, but be real… How many times a day do you  walk down a road and go ‘Woah, this frost wave is really chilly!’

Jhudora: Y’know… Normal people call that phenomenon ‘wind.’

Franklin: It wasn’t like wind you asshole! I could feel my internal temperature drop like a mic!

Casey: Boo.

Mathilda: And… you stand by this?

Franklin: I can’t prove it… but yes.

Iwatori: As much as I appreciate you trying to tell the absolute truth here… that doesn’t change the fact that your testimony is useless. The walkie-talkie catching fire and causing a heat wave controversy was dumb at best… but now a frost wave? Get serious!

Franklin: I wouldn’t joke about this!

Casey: It DOES seem a little too stupid to make up...

Iwatori: Meat of the issue; Maybe there WAS something at the Hall that could have caught fire… and maybe the fire got so hot somehow that it made people think it was a heat wave… but moving to a ‘frost wave,’ there was nothing at the crime scene that could have… frosted. Therefore, there’s no reason to talk about it any more here!


Judge: I agree… This trial is to determine the guilt of Jhudora Izanami, as well as uncover the truth of how David Jeremy died. While I can accept that the heat wave and frost wave might have happened at Great Lakes Hall… Unless it is proven to be related to the murder, I’m afraid the current witness will have to step down.

Franklin: … I understand. I just didn’t want there to be any loose ends… and Jhudora accusing me earlier sparked me a little bit.

Judge: Well, Ms. Sierra? What will you do? The current burden of proof lies upon you, after all.

Mathilda: What will I do?

Judge: If you want to continue Mr. Hoffman’s cross examination… then you must prove that either the heat wave or frost wave is related to the case. If not, then we shall summon the next witness.

Mathilda: … I’d like to continue Franklin’s questioning.

Jhudora: This is definitely getting interesting.

Iwatori: Why? What good will it do?

Mathilda: I don’t know just yet, but… (I can’t help but feel that we’re all overlooking something… something that relates to what Franklin identified as a ‘frost wave and a heat wave.’)

Iwatori: You think you have proof? Proof that David Jeremy was really involved in such strange events?

Mathilda: ...Do I?

*Mathilda nods*

Mathilda: (Something is on the tip of my tongue… I’ll just have to skim the evidence, and hopefully something will click.)

Iwatori: I hope you have a good explanation for this. I’d like to see some evidence.

Judge: As do I. First, I must ask: Which event that Franklin dealt with can you connect to the murder?

Mathilda: The frost wave. While it’s true that we don’t have much info on when Franklin experienced it compared to the heat wave, it certainly connects to a piece of evidence relating to the murder.

Casey: Huh? ‘The’ murder?

Judge: *nods* Very well. I’d like to see this evidence for myself.

“What piece of evidence connects the murder to the ‘frost wave’ that Franklin claimed to have been through?”

*cut music*

Iwatori: The autopsy report? Alright. Let’s take a loo- Huh? This isn’t Jeremy’s Autopsy Report… It’s Stu Venin’s!

Casey: Ohhhhhhh! ‘The’ murder, because you weren’t talking about Jeremy’s death, you were talking about Venins!

Mathilda: Before anyone says anything… let me explain. We already know that Stu Venin the Arbok was killed elsewhere and his body was dumped at the cove within Great Lakes Hall a few days before Jeremy the Lickilicky. According to his autopsy results, Venin’s body was exposed to insanely cold temperatures for around an hour.

Judge: I don’t see an issue here.

Mathilda: *reading document* The problem here… is the day.

Iwatori: The... day?

Mathilda: Franklin testified that he felt a freezing rush of wind around 3:30AM on January 2nd, which to anyone who hasn’t payed any attention; is 24 hours before Jeremy was launched over the waterfall.

Judge: Alright?

Mathilda: However… Venin was killed early in the morning on January 1st, which is more than ANOTHER 24 hours before Franklin felt the rush of cold.

*Mathilda bangs on her desk with her sceptre*…

Mathilda: The only item that could have been the source of the frost was Venin’s corpse, and that’s an acceptable argument if you knew anything about the Arbok’s murder. So, if Venin’s body WAS the source of the frost wave, then what happened to Venin’s body to make it behave like that 24 hours after it supposedly thawed? This requires further investigation!

*Gallery begins to ramble with each other*


Judge: Order in the court! Order!

Iwatori: Interesting. However, a waste of time. You were supposed to relate the wave to Jeremy’s murder. Sure, Venin’s body still possibly being frozen a day later is strange, but don’t forget that Venin’s murder has already been solved. This trial is about solving who murdered David Jeremy the Lickilicky and nothing else!

Mathilda: But even YOU can’t deny-

Iwatori: いいえ!ベルベットの殺人犯を見つけなければなりません。

Mathilda: !

Iwatori: This case does NOT concern any outside controversies!

Judge: I’m sorry, Mr. Iwatori. I can’t accept that.

Iwatori: What?

Judge: The body of Stu Venin, and the body of David Jeremy may have been separate cases caused by different murderers, but they WERE dumped in the same spot. Saying that Venin’s corpse isn’t related to the crime of Jeremy may be true. But it’s imperative that the court prove that before tossing it out the window.

Iwatori: Grgh…

Judge: However, there is a MAJOR problem with Venin’s body being the source of the chill.

Mathilda: There is?

Judge: Yes. Distance. If what we were told earlier is true, then the height separating the cove to the bottom of the waterfall is close to or exactly 100 feet. Assuming the body was refrozen by some weird phenomenon, there’s no way someone would be able to feel that frost even if they were hanging dangerously over the waterfall, yet alone Mr. Hoffman who was standing at the watchpoint.

Iwatori: He insists he isn’t lying so the only possible explanation is that Venin’s body WASN’T the source of the Frost Wave, it has to be something else, that or the frost wave was actually something else entirely.

Mathilda: But nothing else was at the crime scene that could have caused such an event! Venin’s corpse is the only way this can make sense!

Judge: Seeing how this is the world of Pokemon we’re talking about, I’m willing to stick my neck out. I’d like Venin’s body to be reexamined.

Iwatori: I’m afraid that isn’t possible. The only current Medical Examiner in the CDU is under leave, or have you forgotten?

Judge: It’s called a hospital. Someone there has to have knowledge on how to inspect an already examined body. Bailif, head there immediately.

Balilif: Yes, Your Honor!

Iwatori: Hmph. Another Distraction. Let me say for the record that whatever comes out of this courtroom, the results of the examination, or whatever comes out of Hoffman-kun’s mouth at this point means nothing.

Mathilda: And why are you so sure about that?

Iwatori: *slams desk* Ms. Lord the Mawile.

Casey: Oh, yeah… her.

Iwatori: As far as testimonies go, her’s is the most important. My witness personally saw the Defendant heading up the stairs onto the cove, and once again considering the defendant’s bulk, she could have easily tossed the victim over the ledge. Once Ms. Lord speaks, Jhudora will be found Guilty, as to be expected.

Mathilda: (And the only reason she hasn’t taken the stand yet… is because Franklin bought us some time with his unexpected words.)

Iwatori: So! Mr. Hoffman… If you wish to stay at the stand a little longer, then you better have more to add. Go into the details of the frost wave before my patience wears thin and I throw you out.

Franklin: I stand by my words, so I’d be glad to.

Jhudora: Heh. *starts laughing* Hahahahah!

Franklin: What the F*** do you WANT from me?!

Jhudora: Isn’t it obvious!? Your words are so bizarre they’re making me laugh!

Franklin: …

Jhudora: You idiot! A Heat wave was jarring, but now a Frost Wave?! Who here can even take you seriously, besides that terrorist over there.

Mathilda: *looks down, shielding eyes in sadness*

Jhudora: But whatever. I’ve heard enough. Have fun speaking, you eccentric little matchstick.

*Jhudora finally returns to the Defendant’s chair*

Casey: Mattie, you still good? Looks like this is Franklin’s last stand.

Mathilda: *raises head back up* Y-yeah. (I WISH I could forget about Jhudora.) If Franklin’s going all out this time, we better pay extra attention to what he has to say if we want to derail Iwatori’s perfect case. If we assume that the frost wave and the heat wave actually happened, maybe we’ll find a crack in Hoffman’s wall of logic.

Casey: Alright, let’s bust down that w~ I mean, testimony.

-TESTIMONY- “Franklin’s Last Stand” (Franklin the Floatzel)…

1. “I remember feeling the frost wave first, during the Festival Contest. We as the judges were making our final decisions behind the stage.”

2. “We broke from the huddle when we heard suspicious chatter nearby. A faint light nearby showed two silhouettes close to the stairs to the watchpoint.”

3. “I then saw one of the shadows holding something over the head of the other. I assumed a fight was about to go down!”

4. “I began to race over there to break the situation, but both figures began to race up the stairs and turned the corner to the watchpoint.”

5. “When I reached the lookout, I saw Smith and Crankshaw standing there before me… but neither of them were holding anything…”

6. “Only a few seconds went by, and the frost wave struck,  stopping the three of us in our tracks.”

7. “I didn’t find a reason to suspect them, so after that I went back to the other judges.”

Mathilda: …The Tims? THOSE Tims?

Franklin: Yes… THOSE Tims.

Mathilda: I was hoping you meant another duo...

Judge: Who are the ‘Tims?’

Mathilda: Tim Smith and Tim Crankshaw are uh, two Pokemon with a LOT of personality. During the culture festival they were in charge of the India booth, if I recall.

Judge: So what this witness is saying is that he saw these two individuals acting weird in front of the stairs, and chased them up to the watchpoint? What’s the problem with that story that makes you hesitate?

Mathilda: (Other than fact that Franklin just roped the Pokemon equivalents of Beavis and Butthead into the pandemonium that is this case… not a dang thing.)

Iwatori: I hope you’re not about to accuse THEM of murder, are you?

Mathilda: I’m not that dense.

Iwatori: Then why are we doing this?

Mathilda: Because Mr. Hoffman’s testimony is vital to the case, and I have a right to cross examine him.

Iwatori: Hmph. Fine.

Casey: Mattie, Do you really think that Franklin is lying here to pin the blame on the Tims?

Mathilda: I doubt it, if Franklin wanted to push the blame onto someone he could have easily done so to Jhudora as she stood right next to him, but he didn’t. I think his real intent here is to find a way to explain the phenomena that he felt.

Casey: *sweating* So he’s using you as a therapist?

Mathilda: Whatever, it’s given me a chance to find some new leads to who the killer is, and I have no intention of letting this opportunity pass me by.

-CROSS EXAMINATION- “Sierra the Braixen VS Iwatori the Cinccino”

1. “I remember feeling the frost wave first, during the Festival Contest. We as the judges were making our final decisions behind the stage.”

Mathilda: Was there anyone else back there with you besides the other judges during that time?

Franklin: No, it was just the three of us; me, Manon, and Cissy. Because of the layout of the stage, we could of seen anyone that might of been walking by.

Mathilda: However, you were able to see a few silhouettes?

Franklin: Actually, I heard the sound of mumbling before I saw the figures.

Mathilda: … Ok, you DID say that… But was there anything else that may have piqued your interest?

Franklin: Nothing comes to mind. Guards were placed on each corner of the festival stage to make sure that nobody could eavesdrop on us.

Mathilda: I see… then how did those two mysterious figures get by?

Franklin: They had to have been at the watchpoint or the cove before we judges walked behind the stage. There’s no way they could have snuck past the guards…

Mathilda: Or they could be Smith and Crankshaw actually getting away with crazy stuff…

Franklin: *sweating* Actually, Good point…

2. “We broke from the huddle when we heard suspicious chatter nearby. A faint light nearby showed two silhouettes close to the stairs to the watchpoint.”

Mathilda: And you know it was Tim Smith and Tim Crankshaw?

Franklin: No, I wasn’t sure at that moment. Like I said, all I saw were the silhouettes, and it was too dark to completely distinguish them.

Mathilda: And what time was this?

Franklin: It was during our final judgement… right before our special guest appearance… so it had to have been around 3:15?

Mathilda: And Jeremy died around 15 minutes later… Can I guess that you couldn’t tell what they were discussing?

Franklin: Good guess. Though they did appear to be moving around a little TOO much…

Mathilda: Excuse me?

Franklin: Those figures… thinking back, I wouldn’t have been surprised if those two were nervous about something. I mean, they bolted up the cave as soon as they spotted me.

Mathilda: I can’t think of a reason why the two of them would be nervous about anything, anyways… please continue on.

*The following mistake was intentional*

4. “I began to race over there to break the situation, but both figures began to race up the stairs and turned the corner to the watchpoint.”

Mathilda: So you chased them up the corridor and watched then make a turn into the watchpoint?

Franklin: Absolutely.

Mathilda: (I guess there’s not much here to question, but I’d still be nice to try.) Is there a way back down to the main hall from the watchpoint without taking the stairs?

Franklin: No. The watchpoint is basically a balcony, and the only way back down there is to go back down the way you came.

Mathilda: Does this apply to the Cove as well?

Franklin: *nods* Both pathways are a dead end. That’s why I was sure I’d catch the suspicious pair when I charged up those stairs, to which I did.

Mathilda: Yeah, I guess it’d be hard to say that who you chased and who you found in the hall were different folks. It had to have been the Tims… If what you say is true, there’s no way for them to get back down with you chasing them.

Franklin: That’s about all I have about that. May I continue?

5. “When I reached the lookout, I saw Smith and Crankshaw standing there before me… but neither of them were holding anything…”

Mathilda: I won’t argue that you didn’t see the Tims, but how could the item that they were possibly holding just vanish like that?

Franklin: How would I know that? I’m just telling you what I saw, or rather, what I didn’t see.

Casey: Given the circumstances, I don’t think Frank is lying to us.

Mathilda: But that doesn’t make sense! They were holding something in front of the passageway, and then a few minutes later their hands were empty! What are they, magicians? (We don’t even know what it was they were holding!)

Casey: Maybe they dumped something on the way up the stairs without Franklin noticing? Hey! Wasn’t something actually discovered on the corridor stairs by someone?!

Mathilda: ...Oh! Nice catch!

Franklin: Something on your mind?

Mathilda: Mr. Hoffman, as luck may have it… One such item was found on the stairs leading to the cove and watchpoint.

Franklin: H-huh? Really? What?

Iwatori: *slams desk* Perhaps the court would like a refresher, Mathilda-chan.

“What was found on the cove stairs that you think the boys may have tried to get rid of?”

*Cut music*

Mathilda: I remember Jhudora explaining it to us just a little while ago. She said that she picked up a walkie-talkie on the ground on her way up the stairs.

Franklin: …

Mathilda: Mr. Hoffman, the item you saw… was it a walkie-talkie?

Franklin: … *Shakes head* Even if a radio was what they were holding… why would one of them hold it over their head?

Mathilda: …*sweating* Pokemon Logic?

Judge: No.

Mathilda: ...Then I guess it wasn’t a walkie-talkie. (I suppose sometimes coincidences do happen…)

Casey: Aw, and here I was thinking I had hit the big time…

Mathilda: All we know from Franklin’s testimony is that one of the Tims had something in their hands in front of the steps, and when he confronted them in the lookout the item was gone. That’s a contradiction in of itself, but it’s nothing we can use, nor does it currently break Iwatori’s case…

Casey: In that case, let’s poke somewhere else! *goofy grin*

Mathilda: *sigh*

*resume same track*

6. “Only a few seconds went by, and the frost wave struck,  stopping the three of us in our tracks.”

Mathilda: The infamous ‘frost wave…’ Is there anything more about it that you can tell us?

Franklin: Um… It was very cold.

Mathilda: *pinches her upper nose between her eyes* Thank you for your wise words of wisdom.

Franklin: It blew by, like a rush of wind. Then just like that, it suddenly dissipated. It was so weird…

Mathilda: And what did the Tims do upon feeling the frost wave?

Franklin: Smith didn’t really flinch or do anything, but Crankshaw shivered tenfold. He began to rub his hands together, and Smith couldn’t help but laugh at him.

Mathilda: So they actually felt the frost?

Franklin: Tim Crankshaw certainly did, that’s for sure. Makes sense, Ground-Types like Crankshaw are weak to most forms of powerful Ice.

Iwatori: If they felt the frost wave then they certainly didn’t mention it to me. They were being cooperative, so I don’t think they would have left anything out on purpose.

Mathilda: We still don’t know if either the heat and frost waves actually happened…

Franklin: Manon can vouch for me for the heat wave, and the Tims SHOULD be saying the same for the frost draft.

Iwatori: The fact of the matter is that they didn’t! Meanwhile, if the heat wave DID happen around the same time as the crime, then why didn’t the Defendant make a comment about it?

Casey: She wouldn’t have anyway, she refused to testify!

Iwatori: Mistaken.

Mathilda: Huh?

Iwatori: If you want my opinion… Neither waves happened. This was and is a waste of time.

Mathilda: (Dammit! If this keeps up, Iwatori will halt the cross examination! Is there anything at all that Frank is claiming that can help my case?)

7. “I didn’t find a reason to suspect them, so after that I went back to the other judges.”

Mathilda: How were the Tims acting when you discovered them in the lookout?

Franklin: It’s true that they were acting really suspicious, but at the time I just shrugged it off. Neither of them were holding anything and I didn’t have much time to question them.

Mathilda: Right, because of the Contest.

Franklin: I went back down the stairs and met up with Manon and Cissy.  l didn’t mention the Frost… why would I have?

Iwatori: But god forbid you have to make my life harder by bringing it up here?

Franklin: Is there a problem?

Iwatori: This trial should have been over by now! Since the beginning, I have had means, motive, and opportunity proving that Jhudora Izanami the Aggron killed David Jeremy the Lickilicky!

Casey: It’s better than the trial ending.

Iwatori: Hmph. Says you.

Mathilda: I agree! But how can we use this testimony to our advantage? Are we overlooking something again?

3. “I then saw one of the shadows holding something over the head of the other. I assumed a fight was about to go down!”

Mathilda: You know, I find it odd how you assumed that a fight was happening just from you glancing at them. If all you saw were silhouettes, then it would have been hard to claim that you saw one attacking the other.

Franklin: … Maybe… but I’m certain It was a fight. The only reason I’d be skeptical is because… it’s the Tims we’re talking about.

Mathilda: I agree, the Tims don’t seem to be on bad terms with each other. But then why do you think they were fighting?

Franklin: It was the item they were holding.

Mathilda: Wha- You saw what they were holding!

Franklin: No… but I saw the shape. It was above the shadow’s head.

Mathilda: *sweating* Useful information is useful… so please don’t leave out any important details! (Especially not right now!)

Franklin: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! If… If I had to describe the shape, it looked like some sort of hatchet…

Mathilda: Hatchet?

Franklin: A hatchet is like a tiny portable axe~

Mathilda: I know what a hatchet is! I was trying to wrap my head around why Smith and Crankshaw would have a hatchet at a world culture festival!

Casey: Because it clearly wasn’t a hatchet. *smiles*

Mathilda: Obviously, but what else is shaped like a hatchet?

Casey: *smug smile*

Mathilda: ...Oh! *pinches between her eyes* Sigh… I’m an idiot.

Judge: Is something the matter?

Mathilda: (What should I do, should I present evidence here?)

Iwatori: Here it comes…

Mathilda: Despite the oddity of the witnesses statement. There is one such item that may match the description we have.


Judge: Interesting… it appears that you have some proof to show us too.

“Very well, please show us what the boys may have been holding when Franklin spotted them.”

The Court Record has not changed from last time: AAPEE3P11REDUXCR
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-With the exception of three, all characters in AAPE are fictional and belong to EddyXS.
I understand that this part of the story had a A LOT of updated Testimonies, so in case you got confused, lemme give ya the shortened version: AAPEE3P12 Shortened Version
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